An exciting place with many amazing pictures and memories

When I studied marketing and management, one of my English classes was about the Dominican Republic. Then I fell in love with this place. After 20 years my dreams came true and I visited the Dominican Republic in January 2019. 

The Caribbean Sea and the greenery are the most beautiful things I saw during my different trips and journeys around the world.  Riding a horse up and down in the jungle, around different types of  plants, fruits, animals was an unforgettable feeling. There was the beautiful Limon waterfall, the soft sand, colorful fishes and the best rum I have ever drunk in my life.  

Me and my family had a few excursions to see the most beautiful places in this country. We saw the Samana region, the Saona island and of course the Bacardi one where the Bacardi advertisement was recorded. It was a relaxing and amusing time for us. We ate crawfish for the first time, smoke real cigars every day and caught amazing views of the nature. My feelings and impressions are similar when I look at picture postcards or watch travel movies about the most beautiful places in the world. 

On the other hand, I will never forget one moment that I experienced while horse riding. My personal guide worked for free even though he was responsible for my safety and he took care of the horse. He makes his living only from the tourists’ tips. He wanted to earn some money so he was washing mud off my feet. I was a little confused and sad when I found out how the people live there. 

I can recommend the Dominican Republic to everybody who loves nature, sand, sun and water.  If I was to compare it to another place, it would be Madagascar or Mexico.