Are office conflicts always bad?

Conflicts are necessary at work. They create a possibility to see different points of view among employees. It is important to talk about the conflicts. Usually people avoid them rather than face them up. Those who are open to discussion about the conflicts, work easier and without bad emotions. This kind of approach influences work efficiency and good atmosphere in the workplace. In my opinion, conflicts are a good occasion for solving the problems. They should be treated as an occasion for producing new ideas or solutions. Unfortunately, most Polish workers cannot deal with conflicts because of unexpected or negative emotions. Generally, naming the emotions is a big problem. Mature managers or employees can do that and they draw the conclusions from difficult situations. The most negative example is when the supervisor thinks that a problem will be solved alone or employees are only responsible for that. On the other hand, when the confict becomes  more and more acceptable without any reactions, then people have a big problem with communication, respect or engagement at work. Managers or leaders need support from coaches or external consultants to rescue the organisation.

Dorota Jaworska