I form comprehensive strategies and HR action plans related to the client’s needs and its corporate culture. Since 2011 I have been offering coaching, consulting and training services for business.




About myself

The biggest value for my clients is professionalism

Live in harmony with yourself and work to your full potential is a motto I follow every day. Satisfaction and a smile on the faces of the people I work with are the biggest motivator for me and a confirmation that I prove myself not only as a manager, coach, consultant, adviser or business partner, but above all as a human being. The most important value in the professional environment is human potential, which the employer should use in a wise and appropriate way. And this is the area in which I professionally fulfil myself by supporting the managerial staff, and where I can use my competences and show high commitment.

My area of expertise relates to business, processes and people. Hard indicators, data or figures that are important in business should go in line with well-organized processes and trust in the people within the organization. Understanding these dependencies, enhanced by effective internal communication, affects external customers and the company’s image.

Self-improvement in the area of interpersonal, team-related and external  communication has been my main focus for 20 years.

My strengths include responsibility, high organizational and leadership competences, critical and strategic thinking and communication. Freedom of action, trust, challenges, the ability to make decisions, innovation, exchange of knowledge and experience, cooperation and constant improvement of professional competences are the factors influencing my motivation and commitment in the workplace.


Practitioner, business advisor, consultant, accredited PCC ICF coach, House of Skills Certified Business Trainer, founder and owner of DoradKom, HR Business Partner. I bring 20 years of experience in HR and communication. I offer coaching sessions.

I specialise in business coaching and internal communication.



Thrive Partners for big clients all over the world

Thrive Partners is one of the key coaching and mentoring platforms in the world dedicated for business. Branded and famous corporations are the main target group. Since 2021 I have been cooperating with Thrive Partners as professional coach working according to its methodology which combines coaching and consulting. It is a special honour for me. [...]

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