TaskHuman for employees

TaskHuman is one of the mobile coaching  platforms in the world dedicated for individuals and business.  Since 2021 I have been cooperating with HumanTask as leadership coach with expertise in leadership in the workplace. I emphasize team management skills, interpersonal relationship and self-improvement. It is a special honour for me. www.taskhuman.com Dorota Jaworska […]

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What makes a good manager?

Paper Business Finance Document  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

What means a good one? The answer to this question is different for every organisation. Generally, authority and competency are the most important to say if sb is a good manager or not. People need rather a leader than a manager. When people follow you by trying to copy your behaviour or being willing and […]

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Are office conflicts always bad?

Face Faces Dialogue Talk Psyche  - geralt / Pixabay

Conflicts are necessary at work. They create a possibility to see different points of view among employees. It is important to talk about the conflicts. Usually people avoid them rather than face them up. Those who are open to discussion about the conflicts, work easier and without bad emotions. […]

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What is success?

Success has many faces. Everybody perceives it in his/her own way. It may have  various meanings, for instance, personal achievements, material fulfillment, own family, happiness or a job that gives professional and personal satisfaction. Success changes and transforms with our age, emotional maturity, social status and life experience. Personally, for me success means living my […]

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Kirkpatrick’s model in a new scene

New approach to Kirkaptrick’s model by Dorota Jaworska Action plan gives you a specified plan what to do after a training is done. It could be used in an organisation where the standard of Kirkpatrick’s model works. My clients receive this simple tool like Action plan which is filled in after each training by all […]

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