Kirkpatrick’s model in a new scene

New approach to Kirkaptrick’s model by Dorota Jaworska

Action plan gives you a specified plan what to do after a training is done. It could be used in an organisation where the standard of Kirkpatrick’s model works. My clients receive this simple tool like Action plan which is filled in after each training by all participants. This action plan helps to measure the results of the training. It consists of 4 questions:

  1. Reaction (according to Kirkpatrick’s model) – What has inspired you during the training that helps you to see real possibilities for using the aquired skills and knowledge at work? (according to Dorota Jaworska’s experience).
  2. Knowledge (according to Kirkpatrick’s model) – What kind of competencies have you gained/improved after the training which affects your efficiency at work? (according to Dorota Jaworska’s experience).
  3. Behavior (according to Kirkpatrick’s model) – How, where and when or (optionally) with whom will you  use the new competencies at your daily work? (according to Dorota Jaworska’s experience).
  4. Results (according to Kirkpatrick’s model) – What profits and benefits will your company get after an implementation of the previous point? (according to Dorota Jaworska’s experience).

In my opinion, a survey after a training should be prepared as such an Action plan. From one side, this is participant’s obligatory and on the other hand, this is a tool for a supervisor to check the results of the training. All in all, one condition is necessary. Every boss should send or  forward  a message that this Action plan is like ROI (Return Of Investment) which, in this case, means a return of costs spent for the training.