Mexico is the top place to visit

Chichen itza, Cancún, the Temple of Warriors, cenotes, Isla de las mujeres are the most interesting places that you must visit while being in Mexico. Other amazing areas are around you all the time.

It was November 2014. 12 hours of flying in the clouds onboard a Boeing 787 in the premium class. There were very comfortable seats with space for legs, access to movies, games and drinks, whatever you wanted. Our journey started very well. You don’t even notice the flight is so long.

That positive impression continued for the whole of our stay in Mexico. The hotel was fantastic. There was a small forest inside the hotel, full of different plants and flowers, animals like monkeys, peacocks, lizards, chameleons and many small and exotic birds. Every morning we were woken up by singing birds. You could have plenty of food, smoothies and natural juices, served in the open bar with no limits. The staff was very polite, with a pro-client approach, smiling all the time and willing to help you in any case, and made you feel the best you expected.  My eight-year-old son was totally in love with that place and the atmosphere around him. You may experience deeper contact with nature and taste different food at the place because there are 6 restaurants preparing meals and food next to you. You can see everything as it happens.

Only one thing may scare you a little bit. I felt it when I entered the sea. Sharks could appear any moment.

We visited the key places in Mexico, like e.g. Chichen itza, Cancún, the Temple of Warriors, cenotes, Isla de las mujeres and we saw the real life of the inhabitants. For example, the Day of the Dead in Mexico is outstanding in comparison to Poland. While we are sad and cry, Mexicans smile and celebrate this day by having a party in the cemetery full of food and sweets on the graves. Additionally, every six years relatives dig the bones of their dead out of the tombstones and put them into carton boxes which you can open whenever you want. This way they make place for other dead relatives in the graves.

Of course, you have to see how tequila is produced and buy several bottles because it is Mexico’s national alcoholic drink.

Every moment we felt out of reality, like in a dream. Everywhere you could find colourful decorations, amazing architecture, songs and music, and smiling people, which was the most important for me. We had an occasion to wear sombreros that brought us closer to their culture and customs.

I really recommend visiting Mexico. So far, it’s the best journey I’ve been on.