New York City from the Polish perspective

This time, I would like to share some memories from my trip to New York City  with you. It was last year, fortunately before the Covid 19 pandemic.

New York is a city which you can see in the movies, crowded and full of homeless people. You can be passed by different nationalities on the streets. 99% of them are to get to work and wear earphones, gazing at a mobile phone while crossing the streets. 

We stayed at a hotel in the centre of Manhattan, so every day we walked approximately 20 kilometres to catch and see the most interesting places and monuments. Among them, there were the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Central Park, the Wall Street,  the National Art Museum, the One World Trade Centre, the China Little Town and the Italian Little Town, the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and Top of the Rock. 

I recommend all the above-mentioned places to everybody going to see New York. However, three things have stood out in my mind the most. The first one, huge fire trucks available in every street. The second one, all sorts of food, packed in boxes and ready to eat. You cannot buy ham in slices, cheese or vegetables like in Poland. The third one, rubbish all around you on the streets, sometimes with rats inside. Nevertheless, one issue is common for the USA. You have to be well-prepared, which means having enough money because New York is a very expensive place to live.

I am happy I had a possibility to see New York. I dream of seeing some other regions of the United States of America, e.g. California or Las Vegas. Maybe in the future:)