Coaching is my passion

In my relations with clients the biggest value is mutual trust, therefore the mission of my company DoradKom is “Cooperation based on trust”. Relationships are the foundation of coaching. Thanks to that clients gain the knowledge, improve the results they achieve and ameliorate the quality of their lives. I specialise in business coaching through leading the clients into achieving their professional goals. Managerial staff is the key target group I work with.  

I am an accredited ICF (PCC) coach. I have the experience of 1000 hours of coaching. Coaching convinced me that it is possible to achieve our goals and dreams. Now it is my goal to persuade my clients that all is possible, if we want to. I deliver coaching sessions in Polish and English.

The fields of business coaching that I deliver are:


  • Working on managerial skillsets 
  • Development of leadership styles
  • Assertiveness in management
  • Internal communication
  • Relations and interpersonal communication
  • Team building
  • Building the authority
  • Self-motivation and cooperation
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Conflict management and problem solving
  • Emotional regulation and mindfulness
  • Time management


Participants leave the trainings empowered and motivated  to take further action in their lives.

Every training that I deliver gives me a new portion of energy, enriches me with new experiences and first and foremost gives me the possibility to get to know wonderful new people who want to develop. They take away from the training what is the most valuable and important.

The main goal of the training is to provide the participants with relevant knowledge. All activities are interactive ( role play, exercises, discussions, brainstorming etc.) and are designed to show the clients were they need to improve/change their habits. At the end of the training each person defines what she/he would like to change/implement at work, i.e. what will be the next step. I use coaching methods, which help clients to define how they will use the knowledge from the training in practice. That brings immediate results, which are brought about by the power and motivation that I share with my participants. 

Sales, customer service, recruitment, human resources management, leadership, time management, internal communication, team management, assertiveness are the key fields I cover.  As a House of Skills Certified Trainer, I use my practice and coaching methods in those areas. Thanks to this, the training for employees consists of many examples and case studies. Both of them let participants apply changes and improvements to their professional work. Everyone prepares his/her own action plan which is implemented at work as a measure of the training’s effectiveness. Among my clients, there are owners of small companies as well as corporations and representatives of medium-size companies.  Since 2011, there are over 2000 training hours on my track record.


A business advisor is another role of mine.

I advise companies and organizations in different areas of their business activities. As an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner, I make sure that this psychometric tool is implemented in companies. It helps to improve interpersonal communication in teams, rapport with customers and build a relationship between an employee and a supervisor. It is useful as a method to conduct a communication audit in organisations. I have been working with clients using this methodology since 2015.

My abilities also lie in creating work standards, HR processes, communication and HR policies, professional competence profiles, professional paths, development sessions (employee appraisal systems), success planning, well-being programs as well as High Potenitials ones.


I have provided 1500 hours of business consulting both for companies and individuals. Throughout the years of running my own company I have gathered huge experience in recruitment for middle and top level management.

Furthermore I am an author of several articles for the top industry magazines in the area of HR. They are published in: PERSONEL I ZARZĄDZANIE, PERSONEL PLUS, FORUM OPOLSKIEGO BIZNESU, HR LEADERS, TSL BIZNES, CONTROLLING I RACHUNKOWOŚĆ ZARZĄDCZA, BIULETYN COACHA, AS-SPRZEDAŻY, portal korposfera, portal pulshr.

About Doradkom company


We form comprehensive strategies and HR action plans related to the  client’s needs and its corporate culture. Since 2011 we have been offering  coaching, consulting and training services for business.

Mission of DORADKOM company is Cooperation based on trust and vision is to be a reliable and recommended partner in business.

We concentrate on quality, responsibility and good relations with clients and business partners in daily work. Quality, responsibility and good relations are our values.

Company’s data:

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Aleja Solidarności 24/32,

45-401 Opole

NIP: PL7542686173

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