Recruitment process efficiency in small and medium-size companies. An article series by time2work.

Part I – The reasons for staff shortages in companies

Over the last few years, the situation in the labour market has forced employers to look for candidates through recruitment agencies or external companies. The size of the company doesn’t matter anymore – corporations, medium-size of in finding and hiring people give most enterpreneurs some sleepless nights.

Let’s turn the model around and start looking for the reasons for such a situation. I think the list would be long. We could start from a looking at the company internally, trying to find out why people leave and genrate vacnancies. as a result.

Company through a magnifying glass?

A task for owners, managers, company representatives, people responsible for teamwork. I encourage you to think over the answers to the questions below. Top 15:

  1. Do you know the organizational structure of the company?
  2. Who is the employees’s direct superior?
  3. Does the employee know and understand his/her duties and responsiblities?
  4. What does the introduction period look like for a new employee?
  5. Is the workplace equipped with all the necessary tools (e.g. a computer, programs, access to the system, mobile phone etc.)
  6. What do you know about your employees (their interests, hobbies, family status etc.)?
  7. What motivates them to work?
  8. What is their style of learning? (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)
  9. Does the employee know and understand the working system, e.g. obligatory standards, procedures etc.?
  10. What benefits does the company offer?
  11. Is what was established during the interview actually aplied in daily work?
  12. Does the company update employees on current projects, development trends, changes at work etc. Does it do it regularly?
  13. Do employees know the company strategy? What do they come work for and what are their main goals?
  14. Are employees engaged in the tasks, and projects according to their potential and competency?
  15. Do employees receive feedback from you about their results, efficiency or effectiveness of actions or initiatives?

If you don’t know the answers to the most of these questions or they are not satisfactory for you, it is time to take actions into your company and analyse this problem in detail e.g. using the Ishikawa diagram („the fish bone”).

I will be happy to help you with this diagram! – Dorota Jaworska, HRBP at time2work, Coach ACC ICF, Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner, Certified Business Trainer. Responsible for recruitment processes for medium and higher positions, training, coaching and consulting internally and externally.

In the next part of the article series by time2work, I will write about what is important when you begin a recruitment process.