Should we socialise with our colleagues outside work?

Socialising is one of the ways to strenghten relations among the people. In a workplace it also works on the same rules. Employees have a possibility to get to know each other better by going out together after work. They can pursue their passions, hobbies or common interests. They can find out more about each other by engaging in small talk, using the topics not related to work. Usually, employees go to the cinema, theatre, a pub or dance club. Sometimes they organise 2 or 3-day group trips to go skiing or swimming together. Local charity running competitions or other social events have been very popular among employees in recent years.

How to socialise and not cross the line?
That is the question. Where is the line? How do you know when to stop? External conditions, the level of awareness and good manners are the decisive factors here.

External conditions. When you have no limit in the access to alcohol, there is a high probability of saying or doing something in appropriate in a given situation. When it happens, is it easy to come back to work without any remorse.

The level of awareness. If you can switch from work-related topics to private ones, it allows you to get a balance and  enjoy being off work. If you cannot, you are still at work, so what is the point of socialising?

Good manners. What is your approach to meeting colleagues outside work, do you think about team building or are you rather focusing on being in a centre of attention, can you listen to people and so on.

Personally, I have different experiences with socialising with colleagues outside work. Trust and friendly atmosphere are the keys to good integration and real socialising. Then it doesn’t matter what place or entertainment we choose, it is always nice and pleasant.

Dorota Jaworska