What is success?

Success has many faces. Everybody perceives it in his/her own way. It may have  various meanings, for instance, personal achievements, material fulfillment, own family, happiness or a job that gives professional and personal satisfaction. Success changes and transforms with our age, emotional maturity, social status and life experience.

Personally, for me success means living my life the way I want, using more and more opportunities: trying, taking risk, doing my best at work, feeling satisfied with my profession, at the same time taking care of others and respect them. Generally, being curious about life, fulfilling my dreams and needs among my relatives and kind people.

In my opinion, the greatest success is to deal with obstacles and daily problems, learning lessons from them for the future. What I mean, e.g. professional and personal failures, conflicts with relatives and friends, separations or losing friendship, illness or death in family.

Success also stands behind our social roles, e.g. children upbringing, feeling well as a parent, a grandfather or a grandmother. Similarly in a marriage as a husband and wife.

If I could write down what exactly success is for me, It would look like the list below:

  1. Being myself in my professional and private life.
  2. Being a friend and support for my son.
  3. Being a partner in my relationship.
  4. Being satisfied and develop myself at work.
  5. Traveling around the world, discovering and getting to know other cultures, people and nature.
  6. Helping others in their professional development.
  7. Using my strengths like: intuition, spontaneity and objective assessement of a situation.
    What does success mean to you? Have you got your own „lucky 7”?
    Dorota Jaworska