What makes a good manager?

What means a good one? The answer to this question is different for every organisation. Generally, authority and competency are the most important to say if sb is a good manager or not. People need rather a leader than a manager. When people follow you by trying to copy your behaviour or being willing and open to work with you, then you are a leader. On the other hand, when you focus rather on delegating tasks and achieveing the business goals, then you are rather a manager.

Nowadays, both roles are required in a working place. Sometimes you have to be more focused on tasks and goals, sometimes on people and relations to build trust and authority. Not everybody could be a good manager. It is necessary to have appropriate features and preferences like being open, communicative, decisive, well-organised, as well as business-and people-oriented. Experience is also crucial. You can learn knowledge and skills. Many employees leave a company because of a supervisor, that’s why  the coaching skills are very desirable for managers and leaders. They allow them to be good listeners, to communicate effectively, to deal with emotions and to create good atmoshere at work. The manager’s role is very responsible and stresful. You are in charge not only of the tasks but also the people. Employees often forget that the manager or the leader is also a human being and sometimes crosses the line. Everyday I work with people as a manager and leader, and I know exactly how it works. I cooperate also with clients to support them  in managing employees.

Dorota Jaworska